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Learn more about our vibrant, always up-and-coming community through these fascinating profiles of people working in Broome County and making the most of their professional and personal endeavors. It’s an inside look at the folks leading our little slice of upstate New York to prominence. Simply click on any page below to Meet the Locals!

  • Dan Norton

    I am grateful for the experiences I had growing up here, attending school, playing sports, and participating in community service activities. After I graduated from Maine-Endwell, I attended the University at Albany.  From there, I went to Cornell Law School. After finishing law school, many of my classmates moved to big cities like New York,…

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  • Lisa Harris, MD

    When I get to work, I’m already filled with gratitude. I can work hard all day and still go home and pursue my dream.

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  • Mark Lane

    Through the tough times, many of our relationships stood by us. Right now, we’re riding the wave and looking to expand.

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  • Eugenie Zynda

    So how did I decide to build a life here? The purpose of my move to Broome County after high school in 2002 was to be with family. It was originally meant to be temporary – just a few years. But, I quickly fell in love with the area, and most importantly, the people that live…

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  • Stephen Smyk

    It has been over 10 years since I moved back to Broome County and we love it! My wife and I are originally from Binghamton and we both moved away for school. For many years we loved living in New York City, with all the excitement that comes with living in a major metropolitan city. …

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  • Jimmy Valdez and Vicky Alt

    So, how do we even begin telling our journey…There have been so many twists and turns in our growth that it is hard to tell our story without being a very long book. But we’ll try. Vicky is from Binghamton and left to Washington DC to grow, see more things, and get into the culinary…

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  • Danielle Evan

    To me everything begins and ends with family. These were morals that were deeply instilled in me by growing up here in Broome County on the west side of Binghamton. I have such great memories of what it felt like, being a kid, running around, playing all the time, swimming at Rec Park, cheerleading, going…

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  • Von Chamleunsouk

    Broome County was the place where I first experienced America and would be the area that would define my career, my personal life, and my home. Coming from Laos, where there is so much uncertainty, I found a strong Laotian community in Binghamton. Being in a foreign land was not so hard since the Laotian…

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  • Aisha Jasper

    I was born and raised in West Corners, Endicott, but just came back to Broome County after traveling internationally the last ten years in my professional dance career. I currently live in Binghamton, but I loved growing up in Endicott. I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds being in West Corners because…

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  • Tim Gleason

    Though I’m not originally from the area, I’ve made Broome County my hometown since I permanently moved here over 15 years ago. Before becoming the Founder and Artistic Director of KNOW Theatre, I was an engineer who lived in Scranton, commuting to Binghamton each day to subcontract for IBM. Even back then, I knew there…

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