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It has been over 10 years since I moved back to Broome County and we love it!

My wife and I are originally from Binghamton and we both moved away for school. For many years we loved living in New York City, with all the excitement that comes with living in a major metropolitan city.  I was a Senior Executive at a publically traded digital media company and my wife was working in the New York Public Schools as an Art Therapist.

After a number of years of dedicating ourselves to our careers, we began to consider starting a family.  We realized that the quality time we wanted to dedicate to our family was nearly impossible to achieve while living in the city. We were looking for that perfect work/balance life, dedicating the time for success in our careers but knowing that spending time raising a family was even more important to us.

We decided to move back to Broome County where we believed that the balance was a more realistic option.  Shortly after starting a new business venture, we moved back to Binghamton.  This venture, a digital advertising agency, rapidly grew into a thriving business and the reason is simple, we were able to build a great team of professionals thanks to the very strong workforce here in Broome.

People have asked me how we find such qualified professionals. The answer is simple, we look for potential and train them. Our team is made up of locals who love the area and  are eager to learn, excel and grow in their career. As opposed to workforces in metropolitan areas, Brooome County provides the opportunity of a stable workforce that is loyal and consistent which in turn, puts my clients at ease since there is no turnover. This provides greater continuity within our team members and the services we provide.

Another reason that has made our move work so well for us is the ability to find that elusive work/life balance.  I am truly lucky that moving back has provided me the opportunity to run a successful business and to spend quality time with my family.   I’ve been able to coach my daughters’ basketball and softball teams and see all of their theatre and dance productions.  I also get the opportunity to catch a quick run at lunch, or right after work and still make it home for dinner with the family since my commute to work is just 10 minutes. These were things that were nearly impossible to accomplish in more metropolitan locations, but are possible in our community.

At Performance Bridge Media we are doing cutting edge digital marketing and we are constantly asked what that means. Our client base has us market their products and services through digital channels, including Google, YouTube, podcasts, etc.  Digital advertising take a very strategic and methodical approach and allows us to determine the target audience for a client and the effectiveness of their advertising.  Our clients are very well-known national brands and although they are typically located in major metropolitan areas, they trust that our agency in Broome County will handle their advertising with the utmost precision and lead to more sales.

Currently, we have 30 employees and growing.

Our success is due to the great team we have assembled, which is comprised of a group of smart, talented and hardworking people. They too have chosen Broome County as their home and especially enjoy working in downtown Binghamton with all the restaurants that our area has to offer.

Performance Bridge Media is part of why #Broomeisgood.