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To me everything begins and ends with family.

These were morals that were deeply instilled in me by growing up here in Broome County on the west side of Binghamton. I have such great memories of what it felt like, being a kid, running around, playing all the time, swimming at Rec Park, cheerleading, going skiing at Greek Peak, and all of the activities that this close-knit community provided me when I was young.

This small town, safe, and simple experience is where I made lifelong friends and shared so much joy along with my family.After high school, I knew college was just not in the cards for me. So, I took a year off to figure out what I would do next. I have always been a hard worker, so I was looking for a career that I would really enjoy. The funny thing is that while growing up, my aunt and my neighbor both ran small hair salons in their homes. That looked appealing to me. So I entered the Triple Cities School of Beauty in downtown Binghamton to give it a shot. As soon as I got started, I just loved it!. I worked in a local salon right out of school and that is where my passion for hair styling really began.

Throughout the next five years, I took some Vidal Sassoon week-long courses in Santa Monica, CA and in South Beach Miami. I was in my early twenties, with no strings attached and thought, if I were going to move to experience a new lifestyle, that was the time to do it. So, to South Beach I went.

I lived basically across the beach, went out to great restaurants, and got an awesome job at a high-end boutique style salon with an elite clientele. The owner was married to Heidi Klum at the time, so our clientele was made up of Victoria’s Secret models, actors, and professional athletes. I think my small-town morals gave me a leg up in making these types of clients feel more relaxed and connect more to me. Overall, it was like being in boot camp hair school, I had to learn a whole new level of hair styling and people skills in a very short period of time.

The lifestyle in Miami was fast-paced and exciting at first, but after two years, it was time to get back to my family-friendly loving community to raise my new baby boy. I wanted him to grow up with good morals, a good support system, and the community spirit that I had growing up. While Stefano was a baby, I was able to run a salon from my home so I could have the best of both worlds, be with him as much as possible and continually pursue my passion. And within five years of being back, I had hit another milestone in my life, I met my future husband Marty.

Marty is home-grown like me. Marty went to The University of Buffalo for Communication Design but settled into a more hands-on tradesman career as a bridge and building inspector for the railroad. We are both cut from the same hardworking mold, and he too started a side business of his own as a professional home inspector.

Once we had a new baby, Martino, we realized we needed a bigger home. We found a great property, fairly priced by the Binghamton University Nature Preserve where I love going jogging, taking the kids for on hikes, and connect with nature.

I decided that after a few years of renting a booth at a local salon, that it was time to open my own.  The concept was to be off the beaten path to give our clients that personal experience. My partner Erin and I looked around and we found this great space in Vestal that fit our vision. Getting the paper work and permits done was easy that within just a month since securing the space, GLOSS was opened.

The community was 100% behind us, and our loyal following came right along with us to our new adventure. And that is one of the things I love most about this area that lacked for me in South Beach. The special connections that I have with my clients here, the friendliness, the loyalty…that “human aspect” that was missing for me in Miami.

Now, I feel like my life is totally complete. Having my kids happy and safe, my family and friends close by, and having a business that I love all in one area…I really couldn’t ask for more. I feel connected to this place, the generations upon generations that make this area so great, familiar, a comfort level that I don’t think I could ever find anywhere else but in Broome.

GLOSS Hair Studio is part of why #Broomeisgood.