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Learn more about our vibrant, always up-and-coming community through these fascinating profiles of people working in Broome County and making the most of their professional and personal endeavors. It’s an inside look at the folks leading our little slice of upstate New York to prominence. Simply click on any page below to Meet the Locals!

  • Dan Kosick

    I’ve lived in Broome County my entire life. Like a lot of locals, my grandparents were brought to the area because they found work here. My wife and I still have a lot of family in the area. My childhood was pretty average. My family and I enjoyed the benefits of our local community and…

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  • Eck Plastic Arts

    Eck Plastic Arts has been producing the final pieces to other manufacturers’ puzzles for several decades. Originally founded in 1946, Bob Eck began by manufacturing decorative etched glass cubes, but three years later found himself producing the parts other companies needed to make their products whole. In 1949, Eck Plastic Arts shifted their production to…

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  • Seth Jacobus

    I’m originally from this region – born and raised in Nichols, New York with my five brothers and sisters. I went through the Tioga Central School District and attended Tioga Central High School before entering the workforce. I didn’t immediately go to college after high school. I needed a few years before choosing what school…

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  • Larry Drake

    The opportunities I’ve had in Broome County are truly to thank for my education, my spouse, three wonderful kids and a rewarding career. I’m originally from Walton, New York, which is in the Oneonta area. I attended King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania before coming to Binghamton University in 2002 to pursue my Master’s in Teaching.I…

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  • Rachel Murat

    Being an educator for the last twenty-four years in the Broome County community has made me the person I am today. I grew up three hours away in Erie County, Hamburg, New York. I had never even been to Broome County until I applied for jobs after college. I won the lottery when I was hired…

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  • 40 Options

    “One of the most important things I tell all of my clients is to appreciate your own progress.” This is one of many tenants that life coach and entrepreneur, Terraine Jones, not only lives his own life by but uses to guide both of his businesses. Whether it be making meaningful connections through 40 Options…

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  • Yohance Bailey Photography

    When someone captures a human face, whether on film or in a sketch, there is a unique complexity behind each subject. Looking into the face of local photographer Yohance Bailey, one can see many things – the kindness that fuels his career as a nurse and his commitment to his community, the passion that drives…

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  • Worldwide Sport Supply

    The first time Tom Ciaravino started to sell screen printed t-shirts was in 1979, and soon he and his co-founder and wife Kathy would take their small business from their garage in Endicott, and with the help of their two sons, turn it into a nationally recognized business. What was just a passion grew into…

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  • Robert Salamida & Paul Vansavage

    When thinking about Spiedie Fest, residents and visitors of Broome County alike immediately find their minds wandering to fond memories of concerts, hot air balloons, dozens of local vendors, rides, and lots of delicious food, the paramount of all, of course, being spiedies. This year, the Spiedie Fest team is excited to bring the beloved…

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  • Paul & Sons Pizza

    Paul & Sons Pizza serves more than just your typical slice. To many residents of Binghamton’s West Side, Paul & Sons is now part of the neighborhood. With a small menu made up of only fresh ingredients, including meatballs and sausage that he makes on site, chef Paul Myers serves up homemade soups, salads, sandwiches…

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