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Paul & Sons Pizza serves more than just your typical slice. To many residents of Binghamton’s West Side, Paul & Sons is now part of the neighborhood.

With a small menu made up of only fresh ingredients, including meatballs and sausage that he makes on site, chef Paul Myers serves up homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and some of the best pizza in Broome County.

Carrie and Paul opened the popular West Side pizza place in 2017 after Leroy Pizza closed earlier that year. The culinary couple moved to Binghamton in 2008 after having lived in several cities and seen the inner workings of many restaurants.

“Paul & Sons was a concept that my wife and I came up with about five years ago. Binghamton is a pizza town, and I made pizza when I was a young guy just starting out in Montana in the nineties, so we feel like we are going back to our roots by serving up pizza,” Paul says.

Paul and Sons has come a long way from their grand opening on Porchfest 2017, where they had a line wrapped around the building and orders pouring in by the second.

“An important part of Paul and Sons is the community piece. We wanted to offer a neighborhood joint that the people from the West Side could embrace as their own.”

Paul says he is happy to feel as though he has given a home to a small culinary community. The favorite part of his day is interacting with his customers, including families and college students, some of which he sees more than once a day!

For Paul and Carrie, those are the meaningful exchanges above the financial transactions.

“Having a sense of community and seeing the customer’s face light up when I hand them their food is a great feeling,” said Paul.

Paul believes that anyone who opens up a business is brave. In the years that Paul, Carrie, and their two sons have lived here, they have seen development in the area and are glad to be part of economic growth in Binghamton. They feel that Broome County is a great place to raise a family, and for Paul and Carrie, it all goes back to the commitment shared within their community.

The balance between the professional and the personal life, being able to pursue his passion within his own community, is part of what Paul loves about living in Broome County.

“Starting a business here, creating these artisanal pies, and putting our best feet forward in our neighborhood is one of the most positive things we can do. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to do something well, have people get happiness from it, and if you can do something that your kids can be proud of too, that’s a bonus,” Paul said.

Paul and Carrie are excited to watch their business continue to expand and are proud to be making their specialty pies here in Broome.

Paul & Sons is a part of why #BroomeisGood.