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Learn more about our vibrant and successful business community that has created everything from secret sauces to camping equipment. Let our stories entertain and inspire you. Simply click on any page below to find out exactly what is Made in Bing!

  • J&M Wax Works

    J&M Wax Works is creating more than just candles. They’re creating timeless scents that are sure to help you unwind with every use, and eye-catching, decorative pieces to brighten up any room. More importantly, company owners Joe and Marissa Brennan are producing local, all-natural, handmade products that are just as good for you as they…

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  • Samscreen, INC.

    If you were to Google ‘piano wire screens,’ the first search result you would see – and dozens after it – would be about Samscreen, Inc., the company considered to be for piano wire screens what Kleenex is for tissues or Hoover is for vacuums. Samscreen, Inc. is a manufacturing business that creates screens, crusher…

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  • Java Joe’s Roasting Company

    If you’ve ever tasted a cup of Java Joe’s coffee, you know how fresh, rich and delicious it is. By taking the highest quality Arabica beans from as many as 15 different countries and roasting them to perfection, Java Joe’s Roasting Company has created exciting lines of specialty coffees that coffee-lovers in Broome County, the…

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  • Gange, INC

    In a humble brown building in Johnson City, you’ll find the leading light box and engineered industrial bellows manufacturer in the United States. A generational family manufacturing business led by owners Bill Clark, his wife Michelle Clark and mother-in-law Marianne Motzko, GAGNE, Inc. was founded in the 1960’s by Tony Gagne with its origins in…

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  • Koffman Southern Tier Incubator

    The vibrant, state-of-the-art Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is a commanding presence on Hawley Street. The facility’s unique exterior and pristine downtown Binghamton space, however, pales in comparison to the electrifying entrepreneurial ecosystem growing inside the brightly colored walls, where ideas are becoming marketable businesses and products each day. According to Dan Mori, director of business…

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  • Little Venice Restaurant

    When you think of Italian food in Broome County, countless restaurant names come to mind. One Italian restaurant that’s been a fixture in the community for over 70 years is Little Venice.Since its founding in 1946, Little Venice Restaurant has been making and selling its one-of-a-kind homemade tomato sauce, as well as its delicious homemade…

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  • Agzeit Farms

    The incubator wing of Union-Endicott’s Tiger Ventures is home to a variety of burgeoning businesses. One of these businesses is unique in its mission to provide Broome County consumers, and restaurants, with local and organic produce. Founded in 2017, AgZeit Farms, a year-round vertical indoor farm, has quickly grown into a cutting-edge business fusing the…

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  • Salamida Original State Fair Spiedie Sauce

    For Rob Salamida, Broome County has always symbolized the “Valley of Opportunity.”  An expression popular in the days of American entrepreneurs George F. Johnson and Thomas J. Watson, Rob Salamida has worked his whole life embracing that sentiment. Born and raised in Broome County, his first business was at eleven-years-old selling bottled soda to nearby…

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  • Susan Jablon Mosaics and Jablon Studios

    Thanks to the unique, but equally creative businesses Susan and Emily Jablon have created, life for these local artists is a little more vibrant here in Broome. The legacy of this mother and daughter duo started with Susan Jablon’s business, Susan Jablon Mosaics, an internet WBE founded in 2002, that sells custom and bold glass…

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  • Animal Adventure Park

    Jordan Patch was a kid who really, truly loved animals. Never would a family trip be complete without a stop at the zoo, pet shop or even a pasture by the side of the road, where Patch would talk to the cows. He still talks to the animals, just on a much larger scale and…

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