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I was born and raised here, and have been a proud “Binghamtonian” my whole life.

I live on the west side of Binghamton, right next door to my sister’s family, both of our houses have been in our family for generations. My wife Cindy and I both have deep local roots. I have always enjoyed living in Broome County and was fortunate enough to choose a career that allowed me to stay here.

I have been the regional president for NBT Bank since 2002 and was previously with JP Morgan Chase for 20 years. Working in the banking industry has allowed me to interact regularly with people I’ve known all my life, and to meet new people in our community. I’ve been able to use these relationships and my knowledge of our area’s history to benefit both our clients and my employer. I feel it’s important that I give back to the community that has given me so much, which is exactly what my job allows me to do.

Broome County has made it possible to raise our children in a safe and healthy environment, where they excelled.

Broome County is home to some of the best school districts in the state as well as fantastic colleges.  My oldest son Patrick attended SUNY Cortland, just 45 minutes away, while my daughter Jennifer attended SUNY Broome and Binghamton University.  My youngest son Matthew presently attends SUNY Broome. My family and I have been able to take advantage of opportunities to participate in all types of sports, music and the arts, as well as attending professional sporting events and musical performances. We also enjoy the convenient access to the Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands and New York City.

I have always loved music and about eight years ago a few friends and I started a band called Straight Up. We play 70’s rock classics, and more. We play at local clubs, community events and parties. We’re not hardliners by any means, we rarely play more than twice a month, we are just having fun. When we started, we said we’d quit the minute it felt like work, and we’re still at it eight years later.

What I love most is that Broome County has something to offer everyone. Well performing schools and countless youth organizations, The Rumble Ponies Baseball, Devils Hockey, Bearcat games, Dick’s Open Golf, LGT Tennis Challenge – the list goes on and on. We also have amazing cultural resources like the Binghamton Philharmonic, Tri-Cities Opera, Broadway Theatre League, Roberson Science Center and Kopernik Observatory. You can truly enjoy all four seasons here in Broome.

Who could ask for more?

NBT Bank is part of why #Broomeisgood.